Companion Cresh: A Star Wars Story MUSH Wiki

The Cresh Galaxy is diverse and unexpected. So, too, are the people that populate it.

As a Companion to the original Star Wars Galaxy, some familiar faces populate Cresh. Most common are the humans, spread like weeds throughout the proverbial gardens of Cresh. The Regency, lead by humans, purports that humans are the superior beings and the true leaders and caretakers of the Galaxy.

Near-humans and droids can also be found throughout Cresh, as well as a number of races that can be found only in Cresh, such as the Ne'ogih.

Any race found in the original Star Wars Galaxy could have representation in Cresh, for the Chadra-Fan's Hypergate does not discriminate.

If there is a race you would like to play on Companion Cresh that you do not find in the list given by +chargen/races, let us know and we will add it.

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