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Companion Cresh: A Star Wars Story MUSH is an online, text-based and story-driven roleplaying game set in an alternate companion galaxy in the Star Wars Universe.

Through the secret Hypergate controlled by a clan of Chadra-Fan, lies another unknown galaxy where the wars and political turmoil of Jedi, Sith, Republic and Empire are unheard of. Here the human-controlled Regency seeks to subdue and rule all alien worlds, while an Enclave of Force Adepts, in a bid to maintain its neutrality, hires out its services to any faction able to afford them.

Companion Cresh MUSH is a story-driven game where the players will create the history, lore and legends of their all-new worlds and races, as well as the characters and alliances that will drive its future.

To connect to the MUSH, players need a MUSH client. There are dedicated apps that can be installed on PC/Mac or mobile devices. Recommended clients include MUSHclient, Potato, or SimpleMU among others.

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