Enclave of Force Adepts

The Force, as it is known in the Companion Cresh Galaxy, is more primal than in the Core Galaxy. While some worlds may have a distinct, homegrown Force culture of their own, they are undeveloped in comparison to the Jedi Order. However, the primary and by far most successful collection of Force Users in the galaxy is called the Enclave of Force Adepts.

The Enclave is strictly secular and neutral politically, and they finance themselves by contracting out Adepts as advisors to those that can afford their services. There is no preference for them between the Light and Dark Side of the Force and techniques using a spectrum of Force skills are taught. Novices and Acolytes focus on improving their skills and knowledge under Proctors at the Enclave facility on the planet Vait. Their contracts typically consist of overseeing the fairness of diplomatic and trade negotiations, providing personal security, or seeking out potential Novices to recruit. The Enclave avoids involvement in political military disputes in order to maintain their neutrality; however, their skills in fighting and combat are well developed.

Because of the reputation that the Enclave has built among its clients over time, they are known for being reliable and impartial, while Force Users not sponsored by the Enclave may find themselves mistrusted and disregarded in comparison. When hired, they are loyal to the contract, and if this is ever broken, the offending Adept's membership is revoked. Joining the Enclave is a way for a young Adept to gain prestige, learn more about their powers as they gain new skills, and build trust that other Force Users do not enjoy. Without the backing and resources of the Enclave, those unsponsored Force Users, as well as revoked former members, find themselves marked as untrustworthy, with only underworld contracts available to them if they even choose to expose their powers.

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