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The Players: Lincoln, Sarna

Marshal's Office -- Tier City: Valentine's World

The Marshal's office in Tier is located not terribly far from the commercial district, but far from being a centerpiece of the area. It is tucked among a few warehouses that are used for market storage and is rather non-descript, the only way to really identify it as any sort of official building is by asking the locals. The thick durasteel doors separate the interior and exterior, within which can be found what one might expect on a Rim planet. A pair of cells with appropriate restraints and security fields, a desk that is linked to a console for accessing news and report filing and a rather comfortable chair that looks like it may have seen better days. The ceilings are low due to a reinforcement layer found there and the walls are thick to the exterior turning the area into a pseudo bunker. A security door leads further into the offices, into an area that serves as the living space for the Marshal.

In the living area, a simple layout exists with three rooms none of which are large. The first leads into a living area where a sofa and chair exist for comfort sitting along with a vid screen. Cooking apparatus and storage is located in the corner. The next room is the sleeping area where a rather large bed and dressers that need straightening exist and the third serving as the personal area.

<O>ut leads to Ward Bazaar -- Tier City: Valentine's World.


There's not all that much for Sarna to pack for the trip, so she's focused on helping the Marshal get together the gear they're going to need while venturing into the mountains. Her typical tunic, trousers and cloak are replaced by a sleeveless blue tank dress that reaches her knees, tied at the waist with a silken sash, and her hair is gathered into a loose braid at the nape of her neck. "Sorry if things got a little weird out there," she says to Lincoln as she works. "I know my family's not very... uh, typical. But... there is someone else you should meet, one of these days." That cryptic comment is followed by an equally mysterious smile as she sits on top of a piece of luggage on the bed in an attempt to close it.

"Really?" Lincoln asks towards Sarna, lifting an eyebrow at her over his shoulder. "My mother came in here and asked if you were wanting to be part of a group relationship with me... or rather assuming you were. At least that didn't happen." His own pack is not overly prepared, just a few survival items. Really it looks like he is preparing for a camping trip by and large. The speeder bike he utilizes having been previously loaded with some of the other supplies. "You sure about this?" he asks to her as a follow up, "It may take a couple of days."

"Well, your mother is lovely and charming, so she has that going for her, even if she thinks you're a commodity to be shared," Sarna says in a humorous tone of voice. She adds the bag from the bed to the stack of supplies to be strapped to the speeder bike and puts her hands on her hips. "A couple days away from here? I could handle that," she says over her shoulder. "In fact... I think I /need/ that." Looking down into her hand, she turns over a small device thoughtfully before pocketing it and smiling. "One of these days I'll introduce you to who -really- trained me," she says mysteriously.

"There's yet another person?" Lincoln asks towards Sarna. "I'm almost nervous about what could be in your family tree beyond the ... the two that I met." He hesitates with that, trying not to be rude but it was definitely an experience. "And I meant more of getting away from here with me, y'know? It can be a thing that might make someone nervous."

Sarna's shoulders rise up as she chuckles and shrugs. "I know, they're a bit over the top. But they're all I really have." Her voice trails off for a moment and then she turns and takes a step closer to Lincoln, biting her lip. "Should I be nervous?" she asks in an amused voice, arching her brows almost in a challenge. "I mean, I don't find you terribly scary, if that's what you're worried about." One more step forward and she stops. "Or are you who's getting nervous?"

Turning, he sets down the pack after fastening the lashes on it to face Sarna directly, eyebrow lifting a little bit at her own brow challenge. "Nervous? Naw... Just, what's the right word I'm looking for. Taking you up into the Mountains where there's no one around. I don't want you to get the wrong idea is all." The last sentence he says softer, smiling.

She laces her hands behind her back and smiles at his softer tone. "What's the wrong idea?" she asks silkily. "Am I going to be disappointed?" Sarna laughs again and playfully toes at the floor with her bare foot. "I'm kind of counting on nobody being around."

"Oh you are?" Lincoln asks as he lifts the pack and slings it over his shoulder, stepping closer towards Sarna while doing so. "Hoping that with no one around we won't be interrupted?" The question has a tease to it and he moves even closer. "I was raised never to assume anything you know."

"Well, you don't have to assume that," Sarna promises, lifting up her chin to meet Lincoln's gaze more fully. "I mean, there's nowhere around here that's going to happen, clearly. I think you know I've been wanting to find you alone at least once or twice lately." She hesitates and then rests her hand gently on his arm. "You were raised a lot of ways," she reminds him. "But I'm not afraid to find out more."

Lincoln leans closer, much closer and speaks softly, "I don't think you should be afraid..." he intones quietly before adding, "But there's something you should really know about me. I am a terrible, horrible," he pauses, nearly ready to kiss her then backs away just a bit, "Tease."

Her hand clenches on his arm when he leans in and her eyelashes lower slowly, but when draws back she makes a soft scoff of disappointment and her lips press together accusingly. "How did I not see that coming?" Sarna sighs, narrowing her eyes up at him. "Tease indeed." She turns and tosses her hair out of her eyes with a sweep of her hand. "Fine, if that's the way it is!"

"No pouting," Lincoln chides with a playful tone, reaching out for her elbow to gently spin her back into his arms after she turned away, if she allows it. "No stalking off mad if we're stuck up in the Mountains. Who knows what dangers may lurk."

The girl turns easily when he spins her around and she grins as she slides her arms around his neck. "I'm pretty good in a fight," Sarna reminds him, but her voice is low and soft, and not really suited for the topic at hand. "I'm not gonna run off, though. That's not what I've got in mind at all." She's not exactly pouting, but her lips are pursed and her brows drawn together as if she's trying to determine if he's going to pull the same trick on her again. "I promise I'll stay close."

"Yeah? I'm going to hold you to that promise," he whispers and then adds, "And I'm planning to stay close as well." This time, when he leans forward it isn't to teasingly pull away, but rather to kiss the girl, tilting his head just slightly to do so while sliding his arms to embrace her about the hips. Just before he does however, he adds with a teasing tone, "If your family kills me for this, I'm going to be upset."

Sarna does her best to ignore that comment even though it makes her chuckle before he kisses her. She returns it earnestly, not wanting to give away her inexperience, but her slender body is trembling in his arms. "I won't let them," she says when she draws away and opens her eyes to look at him. "And besides, if you're dead, it's hard to be upset."

"I think I'd find a way to be upset," Lincoln whispers to her and then smiles, releasing his arms just a little about her hips. "You know, someone really wise told me once that everything is a first for someone at some point." The words, meant to be reassuring come with an equally in kind expression. "I always try to remember that for everything in my life."

Fairly certain that her cheeks have turned red judging by how hot they've become, Sarna lowers her eyes briefly, embarrassed. "Is it that obvious?" she asks, grateful that he's understanding but inwardly cursing her own youth and inexperience. "You're sweet to say that. Maybe that's why I like you so much. That and the blue eyes, of course," she giggles. "Did you have a wise teacher, too?"

"Naw," Lincoln says softly, reaching up to tuck his thumb under Sarna's chin to bring her eyes back up. "This isn't something you can be taught. If it were, then there wouldn't be a point. You see Sarna, what connects between person A and Person B may not with Person C. So all of this in so many ways is always new. If it weren't new, it wouldn't be as exciting. The only thing that matters, is what the two people involved feel and experience together. Not what came before."

The girl listens appreciatively even if she's slow to return Lincoln's gaze. "I think that means you find it exciting, too," she reasons, finding her courage again. Why is this so much harder than confronting a bounty hunter or escaping from ghosts haunting an abandoned ship? It really makes no sense, she tells herself. "Thanks for understanding, though. I'll be glad when I can put some distance between myself and the... circumstances of my upbringing." She leans up on her tiptoes and kisses the tip of his nose. "You know, I've been curious about what it would be like to kiss you since I first saw you."

"Well, that's a scary thought," Lincoln says softly and tilts his head. "What I mean, is that you've travelled across multiple galaxies and here you are thinking about your first kiss with someone from an entirely different place. How did it turn out?"

Sarna tilts her head in the opposite direction and her hand slips down Lincoln's neck to rest against his chest. "Just made me want more," she says with a slow nod of her head to emphasize the point. "I mean, that's the only way to get better, right?" Her fingers drum softly against him and she lifts up on her tiptoes again. "I don't think where I come from really matters, does it? As long as we..." She clears her throat and her big hazel eyes dance with excitement and pleasure. "Well, we fit together."

He grins widely, and nods his head, "Exactly, now you're getting it." Lincoln's affirming tone comes with a quick brush of his lips towards hers before he tilts his head. "Come on, let's head out soon. If we get a good start on the day we may make it before it gets too late and get outside the village in time to get settled in."

Not quite ready to relinquish him, Sarna sighs and tightens her fingers around his collar. "Oooh, I'm getting it. That's progress." She nuzzles at the angle of his jaw and brushes her lips against Lincoln's earlobe. "All right, I'm ready when you are. I sent Vee-Four off to the Droidworks for some maintenance, so as long as Lady Aurelia doesn't decide to follow us..." She wiggles her eyebrows playfully. "Are we taking one speeder bike or two?"

"I can get you a second one if you want, but I had planned on just the one," Lincoln replies, not readily releasing her from his grasp but does so at the end. "Figured it's easier to talk on the one and well, can be more fun."

She's not complaining at all at the prospect of having to ride behind him on a speeder bike for the next few hours, and before she releases him, she gives him a gentle squeeze before her hands slide down his arms and come to rest in his own for a moment. "I'm all about more fun," she says coyly. "Come on, I'll help you get everything strapped on. Escaping quickly is high on my priority list!"