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Born aboard a ship of little note, Gideon has spent most of his life in space. It's no wonder he's often more comfortable on a ship than on land.

Unfortunately, his luck has not allowed him much of this over the years. As with many Spacers, he took off on his own in his late teens. He had runs with smugglers, runs with pirates, runs with smugglers who fancied themselves pirates, and runs with pirates who called themselves smugglers. He picked up a hodge-podge collection of skills that, if nothing else, kept him alive. Unfortunately, he also picked up a really, really bad habit: gambling.

And it's the one thing, perhaps, that he's never gotten any good at.

So he began bounty hunting, putting that collection of skills to use. It's something he's not so bad at and he even got himself a decent reputation and a halfway serviceable ship...

...that is until he lost it in a particularly ill-conceived game of sabaac: standing him on Orum's without a ship and without a job.


It was just another day and another drink. But then some weirdo who likes warm juice walked in and was followed by a Weequay. In the ensuing fracas, Gideon took down the would-be ambusher and collected himself a bounty that while not fantastic, was enough to get him off the station and elsewhere in the galaxy to look for work.