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Ki'izit is a member of a Jawa clan that formed about 35 or so years ago when a sandcrawler on Tatooine, a planet located far, far away in the Core Galaxy, was attacked and every Jawa onboard brutally massacred. Fed up with being constantly accosted by the city dwellers of Tatooine and hounded in the deserts by the sand people, they decided to sell their crawler and pool their resources to seek refuge elsewhere in the galaxy.

In the following years, many of these Jawas established several small settlements on various backwaters throughout the galaxy. Others found that they enjoyed traveling the stars and became galactic nomads; wandering from planet to planet collecting and reselling scrap. It was a group of these Jawas who eventually met the Chadra-Fan and secured passage through his gateway to the Cresh galaxy.

Ki'izit hails from the latter group and the desire to salvage across the galaxy was deeply embedded in his heart from early on. His clan had managed to purchase and rebuild an old Ghtroc Cargo Countess and that lumbering vessel became their sandcrawler in space. Ki'izit and many Jawa younglings were born and raised on the ship as it made its way from one planet to another collecting, refurbishing, and reselling the galaxy's junk.

Among these spacefaring Jawas, a tradition had emerged early on that all firstborn males must leave the clanship upon reaching adulthood. Each would be required to go out into the galaxy to scavenge and return with something that would benefit the clan. Though he was the child of the clan leader, Ki'izit was still required to participate. He was given an old freighter that had been salvaged in the clan's early days and gradually repaired over the years. It was the pride of the clan and with it, Ki'izit was expected to accomplish many great deeds and earn renown among the Jawas.

However, once he was out on his own, Ki’izit realized that he enjoyed the freedom of traveling the galaxy without dozens of other Jawas milling about everywhere he went. Though he still considered himself to be on his quest, Ki’izit eventually allowed himself to get distracted and has spent the last year or so just doing his own thing. Mostly, he travels from planet to planet, eager to see what new scrap he can discover and tinker with.