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Early Life

Lincoln Abrams was born on Valentine's World where his mother was from. His father, a spacehound and trader kept to the stars but would visit regularly. As he grew older, a rebellious streak in Lincoln landed him in trouble more often than not and the local law man took him under his wing after an incident rather than putting him in jail. Over the next several years, Lincoln learned from his mentor about not only how to act appropriately and live a life with some structure but to also carry out the duties that they held.

The New Marshal

When Lincoln turned 20, his mentor was killed in a firefight in which Lincoln would end up shooting and killing the perpetrators of the crime. With no one else to take over the role, many people around Tier City and elsewhere turned to him and began treating the young man like he was the new law enforcement, which was eventually approved by the council. In the three years that has followed he has earned a reputation for a reasonable man who enforces laws when necessary but keeps an eye on people, dealing punishments that fit crimes. It is said he has very seldom pulled his blaster but when he has it ends poorly for the other individual.

52 AG

Stranger in Robes

The arrival of individuals to Tier City for the annual Festival has triggered a series of events that has led to massive disruption in Lincoln's life. The normal reserved Marshal who has kept his head down has now found himself embroiled in the midst of some type of turmoil. The conflict between Sarna and Malideus, broiling over to the streets and starport of Tier has pulled Lincoln into the depth. Offering shelter to Sarna, he has now made himself a target for adversaries that are threatening the peace of Valentine's World.

Escort to Telmaria

Lincoln, hesitant to ever leave Valentine's world, was asked by his friends including Delphine Aurelia and Siika Gast to accompany them to the world of Telmaria for a meeting with an individual they referred to as The Envoy. While enroute, the ship was ambushed by a pirate gang, during which Lincoln began to question whether his own history; or more particularly that of his father's, had prompted the attack. Without much evidence of such he continued the mission when the group met with their target. During the exchange, political ideals were discussed before elements of the group agreed to assist The Envoy and they then returned to Valentine's World.

Growing Relationship

Returning to Valentine's, Lincoln received multiple reports from outlying settlements of suspicious activities of offworlders in the vicinity of their villages. Ships that would hover for significant time and then disappear, strangers observing them and even random fires starting at night. Going out to investigate these, Lincoln along with Sarna Valios Starker proceeded to the outlying villages and mountain regions to check on the residents and their safety. During these travel the pair were able to speak with one another, discovering similarities in philosophy and beliefs which began to blossom into stronger feelings for one another, culminating during a storm that swept the area. The results of the investigation however left Lincoln very concerned about developments and he committed to doubling the effort. A continual element that had tied all of them together continued to gnaw at his mind.

Return of Blackjack