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Malideus of the Wood (Taliwood) is a Telgossian Selas devoted to eradicating Force Users from the Galaxy of Cresh.

To understand Malideus, one must understand a little of what it means to be a native of Telgosse. Through a rite of passage given to all natives on the verge of becoming adults, the natives of Telgosse find all of their people with a connection to The Force and ostracize them, labeling them as "Selas" which means "unborn" in their tongue. Many of these fledgling Force Users turn against the societies that reared them. Some of these Selas turn against each other in what they believe to be a noble duty to protect the very nature of The Force, which they refer to as the True Source.

Malideus is one of these Selas, vowing to hunt down all others "cursed" in the way he is. Further, he was found and indoctrinated by a subset of the Selas, a group that take upon themselves a hideous disease that can only be held at bay through use of The Force.

Not satisfied with slaughtering Selas on his home world, Malideus found passage off his world and has continued his crusade throughout Cresh. Keeping the worst of his disease covered by wearing black leather head to toe, Malideus has become a scourge to The Enclave. He seeks out their members one at a time for the purpose of isolating them destroying them.

Recently, Malideus raised a commotion on Valentine's World where he focused on hunting down Sarna Valios Starker. His plans were ultimately foiled by the local Marshal Lincoln Abrams and Sarna's friend Delphine Aurelia. Rebuffed, Malideus slunk back to his ship, but it is certain his hunt continues.