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The players: Delphine, Lincoln, Sarna, Haytec (also NPCing Vos'ayn)

The Plaza -- Tier City: Valentine's World

The sheer, vertical face of a great mountain soars from the gently rolling, golden plains, overlooking the city of Tier nestled into the valley below. Its towers, marked by graceful curves and elegant architecture, are the same hue as the pale rock of the steep slopes that gleam in the sunlight, seeming to have been carved straight from the face of the mountain itself, and are capped by colorful domes that in turn mirror the azure of the sky. Through a grand archway carved of shining white stone lies a broad plaza limned on one side by a languidly drifting river fed by cascading waterfalls and glittering rivulets that follow the sharp drops in terrain from the mountain's crest. Organic designs and patterns are carved decoratively into the walls of most of the buildings, and in the plaza itself are larger-than-life statues of lithe figures in elegant and supple poses. On a typical day the plaza is busy with pedestrians, droids, and speeders that whizz past the passersby.

Obvious exits:

<N>orth leads to Ward Bazaar -- Tier City: Valentine's World.

<W>est leads to Faire Trade Plains -- Tier City: Valentine's World.


Now that the festival is over, the streets seem relatively quiet, though there is still the usual bustle of a busy day in Tier City. In the doorway to the Marshal's Office, a young girl stands with her hand shielding her eyes, looking up into the sky where the twin moons glow in luminous crescents against the clouds. An unexpected signal had come up on the Marshal's scanner, one that Sarna suspects she can identify. The tremor in the Force is all the verification she needs, however, now that she stands in the sunshine and Vee-Four rolls up to beep questioningly at her. "Yeah! I do think it's them!" she says, her voice excited, and she calls into the office, "The good news is, that means the Siege Sphere isn't here to invade. It's just a social visit."

Early morning is the worst time of day, at least for Lincoln, because it is the trail end of a sleep that was probably needed after a long night doing the things he does. Most crime happens at night after all. So the sounds of bleeps and excited calls pulls him from slumber and after a bit he emerges from the back area where he resides and into the office, then out to the street. It's too early for him to have his hat on, but the light makes him squint, regretting that decision. "Eh?" he asks in the relative direction of Sarna, the exhaustion causing him to be less than aware.

Far above the Red Palace drifts along on a casual orbital course, planetside. Not many are aware or concerned that a vessel of war hangs above, but there is a strange disturbance in the force. Like a brewing storm approaching from the forest, a thick atmosphere of no discernable origin and more a feeling than anything notable in the sky above.

Delphine leaves her bunk, wrapping herself in her cloak against the dewy morning chill, and steps out into the street next to Sarna to look at the girl. "Siege Sphere?" Something tickles at the back of the Acolyte's neck. She looks to the sky despite the unlikelihood of seeing anything, then back at Sarna. Gently grabbing Sarna's arm, she focuses her seaglass eyes on the Jedi girl with slight alarm. "Social visit? Who's coming here, Sarna?"

Sarna turns to the disheveled young man and grins at him. If she's disturbed by whatever she can sense from the ship above, it's hard to tell. She gestures inside where the alert is going off on the scanners. "Wake up, scruffy," she teases Lincoln as Delphine emerges from the office and takes her by the arm. She blinks in surprise and lifts a hand to pat the air as if to tell her not to worry. "There's a siege ship in orbit. But it's okay, it's just my uncle and aunt. They have a uh..." She hesitates and taps her fingertip against her lip as her nose wrinkles. "A flair for the dramatic," she finishes with a nod of her head.

"A siege ship?" Lincoln asks, brow furrowing despite Sarna's statement of ease. "Any warship is usually a troubling thing, no matter what comes about. Anything I need to be warning people over?" That is asked towards Sarna and then he smiles slightly and ducks back inside to finish getting himself dressed.

The storm in the Force rolls closer and a burst of dust and leaves obscures the entrance to the town, and from it emerges a woman clad in a black chainmail dress. The collar drops in waves revealing more than a modest person might want, and strong thighs are revealed with each step as a slit rises up both sides. A tight leather obi binds her midsection, and a metal tube sits nestled in a leather sheath. Her dark hair is wild and full and frames a pale face with vibrant green eyes, dark lips seem to sneer at the plaza before her and she looks expectantly around.

Delphine still looks a bit concerned despite Sarna's assurances. "Aren't they worried they're going to put the system into a panic?" she asks, then ducks back inside. Yelling back out to Sarna she adds. "Well, if I'm going to 'meet the parents' I better not look like slept in a jail all night," she says and sets about fixing her hair and clothing when the bottom drops out of her stomach. "Sarna!" she says steadying herself by grabbing a strut of her bunk. Fighting against the unfamiliar feeling she forces herself back out to where the girl is. "Are you sure it's them?!"

While everyone around her is panicking, Sarna is the eye of the storm, a smile upon her face as she blinks against the sudden wind and dust, and the strange, dark-clad woman appears. "I... don't think so," she replies hesitantly to Lincoln's question, though she admittedly does not sound certain. But to Delphine, she chuckles and spreads her hands. "Of course I'm sure. I would know her presence anywhere." She squeezes the Acolyte's hand, then the Marshal's, and then the Padawan turns to stride to meet the black-clad woman. "Aunt," she says in greeting, coming to a stop a few meters in front of her. She glances beyond the woman, wondering if she has arrived alone, but says nothing more as she waits to be addressed.

When Lincoln returns and stands by Sarna, he glances at her when she squeezes his hand and then takes off. His eyes glance however towards Delphine and a small shake of his head occurs, his own uncertainty visible in that moment. He doesn't do anything blatant but his hands rest on his hips not terribly far from the blaster that's holstered there while watching what unfolds. "Aunt?" he mimes quietly.

Delphine is pulled along as well. She returns Lincoln's look with a we'll-just-have-to-trust-her look and then finds herself stopping next to the girl, the Marshal on the other side from her. Her seaglass eyes widen when he mouths silently in her direction and she stiffles a giggle, but then clears her throat and neutralizes her expression and quiets her mind as she feels the touch of the new arrival close up and in person.

The black clad woman, perhaps in her mid 20's strides forward and takes Sarna's chin in hand and rests the other on her hip. "You're getting too much sun, girl." Lifting her chin and measuring her, and while still holding her chin, leans in and kisses her on each cheek. "Who's the gunslinger?" rolls off her lips without directly looking at Lincoln. "I assume the girl is Enclave?" A brow arches.

Behind her, moving way too smoothly is a cloaked figure with glowing reddish orange eyes, four to be precise, one below another and to each side. The cloak he wears clinks ever so slightly, made of links of ceramisteel. Behind him four battle droids stand waiting like an escort, but he remains silent as Vos'ayn has the stage for the moment.

"It's hard to avoid the sun here, Aunt Vos'ayn," Sarna reasons with the woman, who doesn't appear more than a few years older than she herself. The girl giggles briefly as her cheeks are kissed and returns the gesture, but then those cheeks go red at the mention of her company and she clenches her fists at her sides. "Yes, let me introduce you," she offers -- but then stops, finally spotting the arrival of the floating cloaked figure. Her smile widens and she steps between Vos'ayn and the strange droid, opening up her arms to hug him. "Uncle," she says, pressing her face against his chest. "I've been hoping you would come back for a visit. May I introduce my friends?"

So these were Sarna's escorts and trainers while she journeyed through the Hypergate's malfunction and grew to womanhood with. The Dark energy coming off of the Aunt doesn't phase Delphine though she does find her own balancing point on which to place her calm. The bright, blonde Acolyte waits to be introduced but raises a pale eyebrow as her association to The Enclave of Force Adepts is mentioned. "You've been in communication this whole time?" she asks under her breath. She shouldn't be surprise but she is. She loses patience at being introduced and as Sarna greets her 'uncle' Delphine gives a shallow bow to the Aunt. "Delphine Aurelia, my lady. Acolyte of The Enclave of Force Adepts and friend of Sarna Valios Starker."

The battle droids draw Lincoln's focus and that hand by his hip clenches again but he does not reach quite yet. He stands there and stares flatly before inclining his head ever so slightly at being referenced even off hand. It's a polite enough greeting but his eyes drift from the Aunt, to the Uncle, to the Battle Droids.

As Sarna moves past to her uncle, Vos'ayn nods to the greeting and introduction. "Polite...points for polite." she intones. "Are you assigned here to the priority or free range?" she gives the Adept a measuring gaze for a few moments and then her gaze shifts and slides to the man. "So, gunslinger...if we were coming to cause trouble, it would be already in either scratch the itch you're having and see how it goes...or relax and assure me, that my niece is safe and not into something she shouldn't be?"

The droid returns the hug and his vocoder flashes reddish orange as he speaks. "Sarna...good to see you, girl, you look good and keeping up your practices?" he slides and arm around her as he guides her back to her friends, from this angle and the open cloak, one can note that the droid has no legs, but rather floats on repulsors. He is humanoid in shape: waist, chest, arms, head. But beyond that there is nothing at all human about him.

The Acolyte looks sideways to Lincoln, and then Sarna, keeping cool in the face of the assembled battle droids. Her eyes alight with delight when she realizes the Uncle is actually a droid. "If by priority you mean your niece here, yes, I am assigned here now. Although we met when I was scouting..." She smiles warmly at Sarna. "Have you been in contact with The Enclave, then, madam?"

Lincoln's hand relaxes some and he speaks calmly towards the woman, "Apologies. But with the sudden arrival and the... environment... around it, I may be a bit on edge." He takes his hand from his hip however and clears his throat. "As for your Niece, I'm not sure how much trouble she's in. But at the moment, I'd determine her to be safe."

"Of course, Uncle Haytec. I've been getting plenty of practice around here, don't worry. Things have been interesting!" She's beaming at the compliments from the droid and is clearly pleased to see them both, even if just a hint of worry knots between her eyebrows. Sarna gives Delphine a broad smile as she's guided past her and the wild-haired woman, the aunt. "Yes, Uncle Haytec, this is Lady Aurelia," she adds, gesturing with one hand toward the Acolyte. Delphine's question gives her pause and she shakes her head. "Why no, I haven't. Why?"

Vos'ayn's admonition to the marshal to scratch the itch he's having makes her laugh openly as they draw closer, and she grins at Lincoln as he replies. "Did you hear that? Better do as she says," she teases. "You're the peacekeeper, so of course you should be on edge." She introduces him with a sweep of her hand. "Marshal Lincoln Abrams has been kind enough to offer me shelter when I ran into some trouble. He's my friend," she assures them.

Vos'ayn eyes the marshal again and gives Delphine a nod. "My can catch up with the niece, I need a drink." she steps in and kisses Sarna on the cheek again. "If it's trouble...that needs sorting, tell me who to kill." she is earnest in that remark and then saunters off down the way in search of drink. "Still too much sun!" she calls back over her shoulder.

Haytec floats before the Marshal and the Adept. "No...she hasn't called on us in awhile, it's why we are here." the droid continues to hold onto Sarna. "We just keep ourselves aware of what's going on in the galaxy and those in it." His photoreceptors drift between the Adept and the Marshal. "What sort of trouble?"

Delphine stares after the Aunt as she abruptly departs for the cantina. "Nice to meet you, Uncle Haytec," she says to the droid with a bob of her head. "We've had some adventures, haven't we? Excuse me, but I do need to check in myself. Lincoln, don't shoot anyone that doesn't need it." With that the Acolyte slips back into the office to use the comp station.