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Cato has arranged for a private viewing at the Museum of Antiquities of Outer Worlds, something that was not terribly difficult to set up given his station but more importantly the fact that many of the cultures of these worlds were non-human very seldom was the museum frequented. In reality, it was viewed by many in proper society as a sort of freak show rather than legitimate archeology. Yet, the man had arranged it and issued a ... not quite request as it would be beneath him, nor a summons for he was not rude. Somewhere in between, this had been issued to Kalden to join him at the location at a specified time.

That time had come, mid evening and Cato was standing in the midst of an exhibit, hands folded behind his back patiently waiting for all to arrive while his eyes were focused on a painting in front of him that was illuminated by underlying lights.

In the case of one Sian: he'd have every right to issue a summons. Hell, he could just adjust that remote he has and she'd be struck with migraines until she was within the same room. Thankfully, in this particular scenario, she had handled the go-between of ensuring the museum was closed to the public at the requested time and the patrols that might have guarded the exhibits remained without.

"Lord Auxilius would like a private viewing."

With emphasis on the title, little more was needed.

Her arrival is expected: she'd left perhaps twenty minutes prior to do a sweep of the place and ensure no one uninvited was within the building. She comes to a stop by Cato, settling into a straight-backed pose. Dressed in all black, with straps at torso and thigh for weaponry... she's in more of her capacity as bodyguard tonight than of assistant. "We're all clear."

Kalden had received subtle invitation and understood it for what it meant. Cato would be here at the appointed time absent prying ears of bystanders. The rest was left to be inferred in the intentional absence of words. The agent does arrive as expected. Much was inferred in the last meeting yet left undefined in the presence of those who could not be fully trusted. The outcome of the notice was never in doubt.

The young agent moves through the halls. In the distance the man he had targeted for both their elevation within the Regency stood staring at a painting. Little attention was paid to the actual pieces on display as this was, after all, stuff better left for a freak show. Footsteps echo lightly through the hall until they suddenly stop. Kalden stops, standing next to the man who summoned. Without making eye contact he speaks while observing the same painting, tone measured in its probing yet humored manner. "Lord Auxilius, when did you become a patron toiletries?"

Cato dips his head just barely towards Sian at her report and then gives the barest of look of his eyes shifting Kalden upon his arrival. When he stops next to him and speaks, the man's lip quirks just the barest of a hint, a mere flicker that could easily be lost in the lighting. "Doctor, if you please," Cato speaks into the darkness and out scurries a portly little man with thick glasses and two balding spots upon his head. His skin and disposition are both oily but he approaches the group and ducks into a deep bow before shifting nervously. "Doctor Jaxxarus is a very knowledgeable individual on rimworld legends and myths. He has been removed from respected academia due to his positions that hold accomplishments of alien species, thus bringing ridicule of human centric authorities. Due to this, the Doctor has fallen out of favor it seems with much of the social elite with which he once rubbed elbows and now he toils here in this museum of... what do the locals refer to it as, toiletries?" Cato pauses and looks at the Doctor who blinks and then speaks.

"Yes... Yes my Lord."

Cato clears his throat, "I invited the Doctor to explain this painting we are looking at. You may proceed."

After a moment, the Doctor scurries himself forward towards the painting. The painting is of a jungle world where tall stone pyramids can be seen on the horizon. Long limbed humanoid aliens are bowing before a dark figure about which a golden amulet with red waves emanating from it glows. "Yes, well... this... this is from the world of Raviim Prime. As you can tell from the depiction it is a jungle world. The legend goes that around 2000 years ago this figure, who referred to himself as a Shadow Lord, descended to the world and enslaved the native population, forcing them into construction of many great works such as the pyramids behind in the view. If you look here int he skies you can also see these large triangles. It is said that these were ships to travel the stars to bring the wrath of the Shadow Lord about. Local legend holds that the Shadow Lord ruled for 400 years on this world before... vanishing and the natives began to destroy all evidence of this Shadow Lord. Few relics exist, this painting among them and of course the legends that are shared."

The dark-haired woman looks briefly toward Kalden, but that's all the acknowledgement he receives at the moment. There's a slight twist of her lips as the place is described as 'toiletries,' but she doesn't make any remarks.

Sian does not react to the appearance of the Doctor. She merely remains in position, hands clasped behind her back, and listens. Her dark eyes do rise to regard the painting, but she makes no remarks upon it or the tale.

If the agent felt any shame in denigrating the professor while unaware of his absence it did not show on his features when the man revealed himself upon command. "That is correct. Toiletries being one of the kinder words I can assure you." Kalden listens patiently to the Doctor as he describes all that he knows about the legends of this planet. "Intriguing Doctor. Would I be correct in assuming that you believe the Shadow Lord to simply be from a space faring species. The primitives unable to understand or explain his apparent powers went on to deify him?" A slight pause before he continues with another question. "Few species live for such a long time period. Do you suspect it was an early force user who chose to use his talents to dominate this species of Alien." There was more to be said but again... prying ears were once more in the room.

The doctor looks towards Cato, as if for permission, at which the man dips his head very slightly to allow the Doctor to speak. "It is my belief that this being that arrived, the Shadow Lord, was from an advanced species of ... as you say Force users and that utilizing this device to magnify his powers, yes, he was able to subjugate this world. But the assumption that they were a primitive species beforehand does not bear out. At the time of this occurrence, their technology is shown to have been on par..." He pauses and swallows, "on par with our own. And the whole world was destroyed, and reshaped by this Shadow Lord." He swallows slowly then, "I have seen some of the ruins underground it... it looks like First City!"

"Enough." States Cato flatly to cut off the Doctor. He lifts a hand for the man to stop before speaking again. "There are three potential elements at play. The first is this Shadow Lord himself. The second is this talisman that seemed to amplify his abilities and third is this." Cato motions to the painting and an enlargement of a section swells up to reveal the triangles in the sky more closely, the warships. "There is no mention in other records of a fleet of ships numbering in the hundreds being seen of this design anywhere else. Therefore either they were a fit of fancy, destroyed, or they still exist somewhere." Folding his hands, Cato turns to look at Kalden.

There's a look from Kalden, at his query, to the doctor as he answers. Sian's mouth twists a bit into something nearly a frown as the ruins are discussed. She leans forward, slightly, on her toes when Cato cuts the man off.

Dark eyes shift back to the painting and she studies the ships, contemplative, before also looking to Kalden: curious of the agent's response.

"Your intuition is correct Doctor...", the agent mutters barely above a whisper, "Such blasphemy could cost you your life if the wrong ears heard what you have dared to utter before a Lord of the Regency. Fortunate that this primitive species had such an active imagination put to art is it not?" Kalden sounded more of a Ministry of Propaganda agent than that of the Militant. "Scientists say that the Galaxy is billions of years old... that star systems have formed and consumed themselves only to explode out and form new systems countless times over those billions of years. It is not outside the realm of reason that at some point, some inferior species could have produced some very good artists. Would you agree doctor?"

Kalden turns to face Cato, his facial expression does not hide his interest in the tale in the slightest. "My purpose for being here is clear Lord Auxilius. Your assumptions are also correct. I am low on toiletries and need to acquire some more." The agent now looks towards Sian, her subtle shift towards Cato as more information than was intended was beginning to be revealed had not gone unnoticed. "Now is not the time discuss it in detail, however, I heard that certain heavy metals were expected to see their demand increase sharply. I will be leading a mission to acquire more from a source having logistics issues in their deliveries. Perhaps you would want to send a representative to join me in the efforts? We could find time to pick up some essentials on the way." His attention turns back to the ships which have seemed to interest Cato so much.

Cato nods his head, a curt gesture, "Indeed. I believe acquiring additional.. humors from around the galaxy that others may have not noticed previously could be very beneficial. Whether these are pieces of... primitive art or trinkets." He looks then towards Sian, "My assistant is available at times for such travel and would be capable of acting on my behalf. Please make her informed of your next voyage and we will make arrangements." Cato pauses and looks at the painting, "I do not think it unwise to bring additional hands for any heavy labor, but they may not need to be aware of the products being collected."

The look toward her and Kalden's request of a representative has Sian's mouth slipping into a thin line. She doesn't protest, but she also looks the utter opposite of surprised when Cato volunteers her services. Her hands, still clasped behind her back, tighten just a bit more.

"I am entirely capable of independent operation, Master Cato."

It is the singular 'protest' offered and done so more as a reminder than any actual dissent.

Kalden nods towards Cato. The rest could be figured out later once the Doctor was not present. Sian's singular protest causes the agent to grin slightly. He was far less concerned with masking his intent under the guise of a stoic, neutral expression at all times. "First time I've seen you fail to hide your thoughts Sian. You don't need to feel threatened by me. I'd never harm my wife." The agent offers a polite bow of the head towards Cato. Kalden stops mid turn to leave and cants his head sideways while pointing at his ring finger. "Make sure you are wearing a ring. We can't have people doubting our cover story." If Sian was looking forward to being "unbound" from Cato for a short while, even just by distance, the Agent seemed determined to shatter that illusion for her either on purpose or unintentionally. "Good day to you both"

"I thought it might be prudent," Sian responds to Kalden in a flat tone. When his intent behind 'I'd never harm my wife' becomes clear, her expression goes even more flat. She doesn't quite dissemble so much as lose all semblance of emotion in her features.

"I see."

There is a look to Cato, expectant. But if he has no further instructions, she simply turns and walks off.

Probably to hit something quite a lot.