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The end of the Empire did not immediately bring the freedom to Ryloth that many might of hoped. Even with the end of military occupation, the presence of the Spice mines and the profit of the slave trade left the planet and its people subject to the whims of the cartels like those of Rinnrivin Di. Into this world was born On'Tina Free'taa of Clan Nercathi.

From snippets overheard in the Cantina in Orum's Bastion the following tale has been pieced together about the young woman:

On'Tina's father was a ship's mechanic a freeborn man of some noted talent. Her mother had been a slave whom her father hopelessly smitten with had purchased and brought home as his wife. An idealist and a dreamer, her father hadn't likely fully considered the ramifications of the loan he took out with the Hutts for her 'freedom'. His life was tinged with the perpetual threat of the repossession of first his wife and later his infant daughter should he be late or be unable to meet the usurer's ever increasing demands. Unwilling to forever see those he loved held in escrow and potentially influenced by some connections or inclinations to the Resistance, he liberated a ship he was working on and took his family and ran.

For the crime of defaulting on his loan and the theft of their leased 'property' a bounty was issued in his name, leaving the man to take up the outlaw's life by necessity if not desire. Speaking of him in the past tense and that her mother has remarried with a new spouse raises unanswered questions about the poor man's eventual fate.

On'Tina followed in her late father's footsteps with an aptitude for mechanic's work and piloting, but her 'come what may' life has also left her with a ramshackle collection of less than savory talents. A fast hand at a blaster and an even faster one at the sabacc table she takes the jobs that suit her whims and interests.