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The Regency is a predominantly Human-based hegemony, which views itself as the rightful steward of the galaxy. It is composed of two distinct branches: The Regency of the Dais, which is the actual mechanism of the central government, and the Regency Militant, the martial arm of the Regency.

Culturally, denizens of the Regency view most Near Human species as second class citizens, though this is modified by their view of an individual's merit. If a Near Human holds a position of distinction or power, clearly they are competent. In all other cases, aliens are viewed as exactly that, alien.

The overall view of the Regency is "We are the civilized." They embrace technology as a part of being civilized and employ it whenever possible in everyday life. On a social level, there is limited stratification. Both the common people and the aristocracy are civilized, but the aristocracy view itself as more cultured in general.

The capital of the Regency is High Centre, a city-covered world that is a luxurious, technological marvel.