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Scouting Mission
Posted by Kalden on 2021-01-16.
Players:Malideus, Sian, Kalden
Agents of the Regency head to the planet Osodaath. Fiercely independent, the planet supplies rare metals and minerals used in ship building to buyers all over the galaxy. The agents are tasked with finding a way to bring the planet into the Regency.

Posted by Sian on 2021-01-08.
Players:Kalden, Malideus, Sian
Malideus of the Wood arrives at High Centre and is made an offer. One party remains uncertain.

Museum of Toiletries
Posted by Sian on 2021-01-07.
Players:Cato Auxilius, Kalden, Sian
Lord Auxilius calls a meeting with a Regency agent to lay out the initial stages of his plan. Kalden, meanwhile, has plans for Sian.

The Weequay Straggler
Posted by Malideus on 2021-01-04.
Players:Malideus, Gideon Corrand
After finally turning in the bounties from the Paradise Garage, Malideus seeks some comfort in the Cantina, Unfortunately, there's still one more member of the cadre looking for revenge.

Rite of Passage
Posted by Sarna Valios Starker on 01/05/2021.
Players:Sarna Valios Starker, Lincoln Abrams
A visit from Lincoln's mother leads to Sarna taking part in a local Nahrahm custom.

Posted by Sarna Valios Starker on 01/04/2021.
Players:Sarna Valios Starker, Lincoln Abrams
While en route to investigate reports of raids in the mountains, Lincoln and Sarna are chased indoors during a rainstorm.

Accusations on Telmaria
Posted by Sarna Valios Starker on 01/03/2021.
Players:Delphine Aurelia, Lincoln Abrams, Sarna Valios Starker, Siika Gast, Trina, Taferi Ravace
The Servant Mercy finally arrives on Telmaria, where the would-be heroes meet the Envoy face to face at last.

Cyborg Complications
Posted by Trina on 1/2/2021.
Players:Trina, Siika Gast, Delphine Aurelia, Lincoln Abrams, Sarna Valios Starker
After the sacrifice of Siika's Droid Army during the pirate attack, Trina and the droid tech go to work getting the damaged droids back online.

Resurrection and Confessions
Posted by Trina on 01/01/2021.
Players:Trina, Siika Gast, Delphine Aurelia
Trina and Siika work together to bring a repair droid back to life, which leads to some drinking and a heart-to-heart between all three women.

Pirates on the Hyperlanes
Posted by Sarna Valios Starker on 12/29/2020.
Players:Delphine Aurelia, Sarna Valios Starker, Siika Gast, Trina
While tracking the rebel agent known as the Envoy, the Servant Mercy is attacked by pirates.

Finding the Envoy with Friends
Posted by Trina on 12/28/2020.
Players:Trina, Siika Gast, Sarna Valios Starker, Delphine Aurelia
Siika's brilliant scheme to track the Envoy finally comes to fruition.

Ambush in the Merchants Warren
Posted by Malideus on 2021-01-01.
Players:Malideus, Izara Dawn, Kalden, On'Tina, Maccus Stormbound, Nazshassi
Malideus seeks to turn in the bounties he's collected from the Paradise Garage, only to be ambushed in the Merchants Warren and all Hell breaks loose.

A Bounty in Paradise
Posted by Malideus on 2020-12-30.
Players:Malideus, On'Tina, Maccus Stormbound
To pay for repairs to his ship, Malideus tracks a group of individuals back to the Paradise Garage to collect a bounty. The encounter ends in violence.

The Robed Man
Posted by Sian on 12/26/2020.
Players:Cato Auxilius, Kalden, Trina, Sian
Having gotten a breakdown of Kalden's plan from Sian, Cato calls the man (along with one of the players, Trina) in to discuss things more in-depth.

Everything Is a First
Posted by Sarna Valios Starker on 12/27/2020.
Players:Lincoln Abrams, Sarna Valios Starker
Lincoln has invited Sarna along to investigate reports of raiders in the mountains, and they discuss more personal matters while prepping for the trip.

Reunions and Confessions
Posted by Sarna Valios Starker on 12/26/2020.
Players:Haytec, Sarna Valios Starker, Lincoln Abrams, Delphine Aurelia, Siika Gast
The Tipsy Trader Cantina is the setting for family reunions, confessions, and counseling.

The Marshal and the Acolyte
Posted by Lincoln Abrams on 12/24/2020.
Players:Lincoln Abrams, Delphine Aurelia
Lincoln and Delphine talk it out.

Something in Yellow
Posted by Sian on 12/22/2020.
Players:Kalden, Sian, Trina, Stefan Reed
An agent of the Regency calls together some of the selected individuals to begin enacting his plan.

Meet the Family
Posted by Sarna Valios Starker on 12/17/2020.
Players:Haytec, Lincoln Abrams, Delphine Aurelia, Sarna Valios Starker
When a siege ship arrives in system, Sarna's suspicions that her family has arrived for a visit are confirmed.

Clean Lawman, Dirty Thoughts
Posted by Sarna Valios Starker on 12/16/2020.
Players:Lincoln Abrams, Delphine Aurelia, Sarna Valios Starker
Back in Tier City after their mission to locate the Envoy, Delphine and Sarna give Lincoln an update.

Come to the Paradise Garage
Posted by Izara Dawn on 12/16/2020.
Players:Maccus, On'Tina, Izara Dawn
Maccus and On'Tina come to Orum's Bastion to find work and run into Izara who offers to let them work in her garage contingent on them working out.

The Temptation of Trina
Posted by Sarna Valios Starker on 12/15/2020.
Players:Trina, Sarna Valios Starker, Delphine Aurelia, Siika Gast
Trina's plan to seek out more information about the Envoy working with the Dissidents by hacking Marshal Abrams' computer is unexpectedly thwarted when she discovers Delphine, Siika, and Sarna have taken up temporary residence in his office.

The Ghost Ship
Posted by Sarna Valios Starker on 12/14/2020.
Players:Siika Gast. Delphine Aurelia, Sarna Valios Starker
In an effort to suss out the location of Taferi Ravace, Lincoln's Angels embark on a mission that involves far more than they bargained for.

The Test
Posted by Sian on 12/13/2020.
Players:Cato Auxilius, Sian
What initially seems like a solid performance for her new master turns out to be a little more... tricky.

The Marshal's Mother
Posted by Sarna Valios Starker on 12/12/2020.
Players:Sarna Valios Starker, Delphine Aurelia, Siika Gast, Lincoln Abrams (NPCing Kira)
While Delphine, Sarna, and Siika discuss their plans for tracking down the elusive Envoy, Lincoln's mother arrives to take care of domestic chores and embarrass the young women.

Up on the Rooftop
Posted by Sarna Valios Starker on 12/11/2020.
Players:Lincoln Abrams. Sarna Valios Starker
Sarna's efforts to meet with the marshal of Tier City alone finally pay off.

Late Night in the Cantina
Posted by Sarna Valios Starker on 12/10/2020.
Players:Maccus Stormbound, Sarna Valios Starker, Delphine Aurelia, Lincoln Abrams, Drazil, BR-1K
Sarna seeks out a moment alone at the cantina to sort out her thoughts, but Lincoln and Delphine come looking, and some interesting strangers make an appearance.

Laying a Foundation
Posted by Sian on 12/10/20.
Players:Cato Auxilius, Sian
Within the Regency, there is always politicking. Cato and Sian begin the groundwork for handling a particular upstart of a Lieutenant.

In Pursuit
Posted by Sarna Valios Starker on 12/8/2020.
Players:Malideus, Sarna Valios Starker, Delphine Aurelia, Lincoln Abrams, On'Tina, Maccus Stormbound
Malideus continues his pursuit of Sarna, intent on convincing her to join him in his mission to destroy the Force Users of Cresh.

A Plot in the Making
Posted by Sarna Valios Starker on 12/7/2020.
Players:Delphine Aurelia, Lincoln Abrams, Sarna Valios Starker, Maccus Stormbound, Siika Gast
Delphine, Siika, and Sarna share their recent tales of tribulation, and begin to hatch a plot.

Report to the Marshal
Posted by Sarna Valios Starker on 12/6/2020.
Players:Sarna Valios Starker, Lincoln Abrams
After the confrontation with Malideus, Sarna heads into Tier City to give the marshal a report of events.

The Envoy
Posted by Trina on 12/6/2020.
Players:Trina, Kalden, Siika Gast, Delphine Aurelia, Ezzadri, Neve, Nazshassi
An envoy to the dissidents against The Regency is said to be going to the Orm's Bastion Cantina, and different factions seek him out.

Confrontation on a Wind-Swept Beach
Posted by Sarna Valios Starker on 12/5/2020.
Players:Malideus, Sarna Valios Starker, On'Tina, Izara Dawn
As scheduled, Sarna arrives at the Wind-Swept Beach at dawn to hear Malideus's offer, while his hired lackeys, On'Tina and Izara, arrange to have his back.

A Meeting of Like Minds
Posted by Malideus on 12/3/2020.
Players:Malideus, Kalden, Izara Dawn
Kalden arrives on Valentine's World and meets the mysterious, like-minded Malideus.

Izara Meets Sarna the Formidable
Posted by Sarna Valios Starker on 12/2/2020.
Players:Izara Dawn and Sarna Valios Starker
At the request of a mysterious bounty hunter, Izara goes in search of Sarna during the Festival in Tier City.

Girls' Night Out
Posted by Sarna Valios Starker on 12/1/2020.
Players:Delphine Aurelia, Sarna Valios Starker, Siika Gast, On'Tina, Trina
Delphine has a proposal for Sarna inside the Tipsy Trader Cantina, but the Festival means the party is just getting started

Desperately Seeking Sarna (Unrated Version)
Posted by Malideus on 11/30/2020.
Players:Malideus, Galvin, Izara Dawn, Asene
The hunter Malideus wants to have a conversation with the Padawan Sarna. But convincing her to do so might take some hired persuasion.

Many Meetings
Posted by Sarna Valios Starker on 11/29/2020.
Players:Siika Gast, Delphine Aurelia, Sarna Valios Starker, Karinye su'Tanarae, Lincoln Abrams, Malideus,
As Tier City prepares for its annual Grand Festival, a number of visitors and locals converge to deal with the aftermath of an attempted petty crime.

Run-in with Dr. Maksamir
Posted by Trina on 11/29/2020.
Players:Trina, Maksamir
The cyborg Trina has a literal run-in with the mysterious Dr. Maksamir in First City.

A Chance Meeting
Posted by Sarna Valios Starker on 11/19/2020.
Players:Sarna Valios Starker, Malideus
A Selas bounty hunter and a Jedi Padawan meet by chance in the streets of Tier City.

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