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Early Life

A young Jedi Padawan from the Core Galaxy, Sarna Valios Starker is a newcomer to Companion Cresh, arriving through the Hypergate only recently on board a vessel with a small crew including the sentient droid Haytec, whom she calls her uncle. Her origins and history for now remain a mystery to all but very few who know her full story.

52 AG

The Man in Black

After her initial arrival on Valentine's World with her droid companion Vee-Four, Sarna found herself using her abilities to assist a mysterious, black-masked bounty hunter named Malideus, and after using the Force to help apprehend his target, she was given a small percentage of the bounty. (See A Chance Meeting). Soon, she discovered this hunter was actually a Selas from the planet Telgosse, a zealot devoted to destroying other Force Users who are viewed as being cursed in the eyes of his religion. Malideus decided to recruit the girl to his cause, but when she refused to do so, he began a hunt through Tier City to convince her otherwise or destroy her entirely.

Arriving during the annual Festival in Tier City in 52 AG, an Enclave Acolyte named Delphine Aurelia discovered the Force-sensitive girl, and offered to become her patron if she chose to join the Enclave (See Girls' Night Out). They were introduced as well to the cybernetic droid tech Siika Gast and the former mech jockey-turned-cyborg Trina during the Festival as well, and the group became fast friends.

Sanctuary on Valentine's World

As Malideus continued his hunt for her, however, Sarna sought the assistance of the local marshal, Lincoln Abrams, who offered her shelter and risked himself to keep her safe from the bounty hunter (See Report to the Marshal). In the meantime, Delphine's superiors ordered her to remain on Valentine's World to monitor and even learn from the girl. After another confrontation in the streets of Tier, Malideus was ultimately banned by Abrams from returning to Valentine's World. (See In Pursuit)

Awkward Quarters

Delphine and Sarna continued sheltering in the Marshal's Office while deciding their next move, and Sarna found herself increasingly charmed and even smitten with Lincoln as he began to share more about himself and his culture with her. (See Up on the Rooftop). Not completely unbeknownst to her at first, Delphine was developing similar feelings, and the two women struggled to come to terms with the awkwardness of their situation, made even more so by the introduction of Kira, Lincoln's mother, who was happy to make embarrassing assumptions about them based on the polyamorous cultural traditions of the Nahrahm on Valentine's World (See Clean Lawman, Dirty Thoughts, and The Marshal's Mother).

Sarna's faithful droid companion, Vee-Four.

The Ghost Ship

After her friends Delphine, Siika Gast, and Trina became embroiled in an incident on Orum's Bastion in which the Regency failed to apprehend a rebel agent known as the Envoy (See The Envoy), Sarna found herself assisting in their efforts to locate him. She encouraged the group to select a salvaged ship from which to slave a signal to the Envoy's stolen droid DLM-1, whom the genius droid tech Siika had reprogrammed to return to its master. With Trina recovering from injuries sustained during the incident, the three women, along with Vee-Four and Siika's arsenal of droid companions, traveled to the Silke Asteroid Belt in Siika's ship, the Servant Mercy. There they got more than they bargained for as they attempted to slave the signal to DLM-1 through an old derelict Regency ship, the Vindicator, that was adrift in the field. A long somnolent and hungry Force Ghost that had trapped and devoured the original crew of the ship was awakened and attacked the group, and only after defeating battle droids and combining their skills and abilities did they succeed in getting a secure lock on DLM-1 and escaping from the Vindicator. (See The Ghost Ship).

Journey to Telmaria

With Siika's success in tracking down the location of the Envoy, the friends reunited with a recovered Trina and traveled to Telmaria to meet him. While en route, the Servant Mercy was attacked by pirates, but the crew was able to fight off the raiders before resuming their journey and arriving on the ocean world. (See Pirates in the Hyperlanes). There, they were introduced to Taferi Ravace, the resistance leader known as the Envoy, who made his appeal for them to join his loose network of eyes and ears throughout the Cresh. While the group debated their response, Sarna was moved enough by the charismatic leader to offer her services. Ravace also revealed that Trina had been dispatched as a Regency spy, and despite Delphine's assurances that Trina has her trust, he could not be persuaded otherwise.

Partners in (Fighting) Crime

Upon returning to Valentine's World, Sarna accompanied Lincoln on a short trip to investigate reported raids in the mountain villages nearby, and during their travels, they finally had the chance to explore the mutual romantic interest that was blossoming between them, especially when they were chased indoors during a sudden rainstorm (See Rainstorm). Lincoln's mother Kira later invited her to take part in a Nahrahm rite of passage, where she met a group of Elders and Seers who knew of the Force and marked her shoulder with a tattoo in their ancient language during a ritual in the sacred forest. (See Rite of Passage).

Meanwhile, Lincoln continued his investigation, and with help from Sarna, Delphine, Siika, and the bounty hunter Gideon, they were able to thwart the slave raiders during an attack and rescue the abducted villagers. With the Priority Council of Tier City up in arms over this rare breach, Lincoln and Sarna were given a limited timeframe in which to track down and bring the slavers to justice. With Delphine being sent off on a new Enclave contract with the Regency, the new friends went their separate ways, and Sarna and Lincoln traveled to the planet Grimhil to investigate the whereabouts of their suspect, a crime syndicate leader known as Blackjack, who also happened to be Lincoln's erstwhile father.