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Siika Gast is a cybernetically augmented droid tech from Companion Cresh.

Pre-Game History

Early Life

Siika was born on the commerce planet of Parana in the Companion Cresh galaxy. Her parents were wealthy traders who primarily dealt in droid and medical technology, but they also dabbled in local real estate and finance. Native to Parana, her parents were well connected and respected throughout the planet but especially in the capital city of Terragena.

Unfortunately, at a very young age, Siika was diagnosed with a genetically degenerative disease known only as Parlax Syndrome. The disease erodes connections between the nervous and muscular systems, causing degradation in mobility and, eventually, paralysis. There is no known cure for the disease, and given its rarity amongst humans in Cresh, not much research has been funded to find a cure.

Siika refused to accept her eventual disability. As a young girl, she began poring through books and scientific holos, searching for some way to circumvent her supposed destiny. It wasn't until she discovered the science of cybernetics that she began to realize that there may be a way to do just that. Throughout her teenage years, she disappeared into her research, studying medical books on neuroscience, the human muscle system, cybernetics and droid technology. Without easy access to cybernetic technology, she began to, shall we say, 'borrow' from her family's stock of medical and droid supplies, building and enhancing what would eventually become her own invention.

While Parlax Syndrome affects different species at different ages, it truly begins to wear on the human body as adolescence wanes. At the age of 18, just as the disease began to affect her, Siika began to implement her studies. Using medical droids to assist her, she began augmenting her own body, creating a cybernetic exoskeleton that would enable regular mobility as the disease began to wreck her body. Four years later, with the disease in full swing, she developed a neural interface in the form of a cybernetic halo, using bastardized droid parts and medical technology enabling her mind to control the cybernetics.

For all intents and purposes, she had found a cure. Not exactly a pretty one, but a cure nonetheless.

Leaving Home

Unfortunately, her work was no longer private. With visible augmentations to her body, word got around to people who wanted to see the Gast commercial empire collapse. Business in the galaxy can be an ugly thing, after all. Siika was cornered by a handful of brutish sentients, and threatened to give up her technology in favor of keeping her family safe. Taking matters into her own hands, she stole one of her family's yachts, along with a slew of droids, and disappeared from home. Thus, at the age of 22, this young and impressionable, budding scientist made her way into the unknown, looking to make a life of her own with what skills she had.

In-Game History

Valentine's World and the Envoy

  • Many Meetings - Siika's arrived at Valentine's World for the upcoming Festivities, where she made friends with Sarna Valios Starker, Delphine Aurelia, and Lincoln Abrams. She also had her first encounter with Malideus, and immediately not only disliked him, but didn't trust him and even came to fear him.
  • Girls' Night Out - Siika had a fun night out on Valentine's World with her new girlfriends, and met the fellow cyber-girl and mech-fighter, Trina.
  • The Envoy - A job opportunity on Orum's Bastion led Siika to leave Valentine's World and head for the space station. There, she was caught up in a bad situation, thanks to recognizing two of her new friends, Delphine and Trina. When a droid nearly killed both of them, Siika intervened and shut down the droid, helping to save her new friends. Trina and Delphine were taken back to Siika's starship, the Servant Mercy, where she helped Trina recover from a blaster wound to the arm. She also realized that Delphine had a certain distrust of Trina, given her connections with an alleged Regency operative and the mysterious person known only as "The Envoy".
  • A Plot in the Making - A group of new friends re-convened on Valentine's World, discussing recent tales of tribulation. As the stories were shared, a plot began to hatch.
  • The Marshal's Mother - While Delphine, Sarna, and Siika discussed their plans for tracking down the elusive Envoy, Lincoln's mother arrived to take care of domestic chores and embarrass the young women.
  • The Ghost Ship - In an effort to suss out the location of Taferi Ravace, Lincoln's Angels embarked on a mission that involved far more than they bargained for. Finding an old Regency Cruiser adrift in the Silke asteroid belt, the young heroines infiltrated the ship, adrift for centuries with no sign of life or corpses. However, they quickly discovered that the cruiser was possessed by some ancient, malicious evil - in truth, a dark presence that had twisted the Force and imbued itself into the cruiser like a poltergeist. The women managed to make their way to the command center and place Siika's communications tracking device into the ship's core, but during their escape from the vessel, all three are nearly killed by the dark presence aboard.
  • The Temptation of Trina - Back on Valentine's World, Trina's plan to seek out more information about the Envoy working with the Dissidents by hacking Marshal Abrams' computer was unexpectedly thwarted when she discovered Delphine, Siika, and Sarna had taken up temporary residence in his office.
  • Reunions and Confessions - Having made a deal with the Paradise Garage on Orum's Bastion, Siika returns to Valentine's World and met up with her friends at the Tipsy Trader Cantina. There, she embarrassed not only herself, but Sarna and Delphine in suggesting that the two women may attempt to form a "triangle" with the local Marshal. Siika reveals that her plot to turn Revace's droid into a mobile tracking device has worked, and the droid is being tracked, but it hasn't yet led to the Envoy.

Finding the Envoy and the Birth of a Rebellion

  • Finding the Envoy with Friends - Siika's scheme to finally track down the Envoy came to fruition, and Lincoln's Angels departed Valentine's World in a hunt to pin down the Envoy.
  • Pirates on the Hyperlanes - En route to Telmaria, the Servant Mercy was attacked by pirates. Siika and her counterparts managed to dispel and escape the pirate attack, but not without great loss to all involved, including the sacrifice of Siika's droid army. This was also the first time she ever killed another being, and not just one, but plenty.
  • Resurrection and Confessions - Trina and Siika worked together to bring a repair droid back to life, which led to some drinking and a heart-to-heart between them and Lady Aurelia.
  • Cyborg Complications - After the sacrifice of Siika's Droid Army during the pirate attack, Trina and the droid tech continue working on getting the damaged droids back online.
  • Accusations on Telmaria - The Servant Mercy finally arrived on Telmaria, where the would-be heroes met the Envoy face to face at last. It was a tumultuous meeting to be certain, since they chose to bring Trina, a Regency agent, along. However, the idea of a rebellion was born and presented to the party, and lines of connection drawn between the unlikely heroes and Taferi Ravace.