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Temperate and lush, Telgosse would be an ideal world for settlers and colonialists, if only it had greater reserves of iron and other precious metals. With the upper crust short of such resources, the local population, fauna, and flora have been allowed to progress unmolested by the rest of the Cresh galaxy.

Isolated from the rest of the humans of Cresh, and with very little metal to work with, the native populations of Telgossians never advanced far technologically. Further, their primary core beliefs have led them down a vicious cycle keeping them xenophobic and luddite.

A spiritual people, the core Telgossian mantra is:

Mastery of the Body, leads to Mastery of the Mind, leads to Mastery of the Spirit

They have a rudimentary understanding of The Force, which they refer to as The True Source, or The True Source of Life. Fire, Water, and Wood are regarded as paternal forces while "the land" is given maternal significance. "From The Mother we are born, to The Mother we shall return" is a common phase among the people of Telgosse, used either to comfort or to chide depending on context.

The forest world of Telgosse.

The temperate, lush world of Telgosse.

When Telgossians are born, they are given a simple name. This is their child name, which they retain and respond to until they reach their teens. When they are deemed ready, they go through a rite of passage which involves an exotic drug made from local vegetation. Upon succeeding the rite, they are given their adult name and become full members of their society.

The primary significance of the rite of passage is that it reveals if the individual has a connection to The Force. A connection to The Force is considered profane by Telgossians and when discovered, the individual is banished and stricken from the birth records. The word they use for such an "unborn" person is Selas.

Cast from their home during their emotional teenage years, these Selas tend to turn to The Dark Side. They often seek vengeance against those that cast them out. Powerful in their hate and anger, the Selas terrorize the Telgossian natives forcing them to flee.

The cycle of fear and violence continued so long, Telgossians became nomadic by nature. Afraid of outsiders, afraid of technology, and afraid of the children they cast out, it is rare for a Telgossian to ever leave their planet and reach for the stars.

Iron Point Landing

In spite of the lack of conventional resources, some Cresh entrepreneurs have sought riches from Telgosse through less common means. A small town was established at the edge of The Endless Forest and next to The Great Sea, a foothold where ships can land and exotic wildlife can be processed, packaged, and shipped for a modest profit. Iron Point Landing is one of the few places on planet where electric light competes at night with the brilliance of the twin moons and stars.

It is through Iron Point Landing that some Telgossians have found their way away from their simpler lives. It is through Iron Point Landing that some Selas have found passage, sometimes putting down their anger and resentment, other times finding another path to expand their campaign of terror and retribution.