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Cast: Cato, Kalden, Trina, Sian

Having carved out an opportunity to meet with the individuals that Sian has deemed worthy of hearing out, Cato's outer chamber of the penthouse that he occupies has been set up with a small desk at the center of the room and a pair of chairs opposite of it. The man himself, dressed in his black robe lined with silver threads sits at said desk awaiting for Sian to bring the pair to him.

The Auxilius noble's 'assistant' is dressed a bit nicer than usual for the meeting. A long black top over black slacks, all tailored to fit well. The neck on the top is high enough to obscure her Academy collar and her boots are her usual worn ones, so on a close enough look: she is still just a tool. However, she plays the part well.

Having met the new arrivals -- the meeting haaving shown up on their schedule some days before -- at the door, she gestures for them to follow her and leads them into the outer chambers, passing by the chairs (making it obvious where they are to sit) to stand behind Cato's shoulder.

Kalden follows Sian into the outer chamber of the penthouse. While they walk, his eyes glance around the penthouse gleening whatever information they can not that he really expected to learn anything of note. The agent takes his presented seat, finding it to be quite comfortable. "Thank you for seeing us today Mr. Cato." he says while reaching into a pocket. Contact info is removed and placed on the table and slid towards Sian. "Agent Kalden Vale", he adds even though the introduction was just a formality.

The cyborg follows the 'assistant' just as she was directed. Outwardly, Trina's expression is calm. Perhaps even cold. This is not the first time she has had to perform. Even in the dirt leagues, mech pilots like her had to make appearances to officials, people with power that stretched well beyond the confines of the arena. This was much the same, though on a much larger, grander scale.

Inwardly, Trina felt completely out of her element. She was supposed to fly low, keep a low profile, and make no major waves. How was meeting this lord of The Regency in keeping with staying beneath the sensors?

Still, Trina is thankful to have Agent Kalden available, to hide behind if nothing else. Of the two of them, Kalden had reason to be there. He had rank. Station. Perhaps he'd even made progress in the field. What did Trina have to say for herself?

Stopping before Lord Cato's desk, Trina makes a deep, formal bow. "Thank you for seeing us, Lord." What did Trina have to say? Pleasantries, so far. If she was lucky, perhaps that's all she'd have to share.

Pleasantries are not a forte that Cato delves into, rather he motions off handedly towards the seats across from his desk. "Thank you Sian," he states towards the 'assistant' without looking at her. Not aware of the depths of experience of the two in front of him or their knowledge of positions best to throw curveballs.

"My associate has informed me that both of you are aware of a situation that stems from an agent of the Enclave acting in questionable means that may allow for action. I wish to hear, from you both specifically, about what your basis for this stance is."

There is a nod to Trina for her thanks and Sian steps forward to retrieve the contact chip. She leans to slot it into Cato's system. It has to be trustworthy. If something goes away, Kalden is just feet away for her to deal with.

The dark-haired woman does cast a glance up at the Agent as Cato begins the discussion, giving just a slight nod.

Kalden only nods at the question posed by Cato at first. His eyes stare at the ground while his mind works over the complexities of the situation. There was plenty that he could reveal now yet some details needed to be omitted until circumstances allowed him to do so. Thoughts complete, the agent finally looks up to lock eyes with the host. "There are two on opposite ends of the spectrum and both are at odds with each other." Kalden leans forward, resting his arms on his knees in an informal manner. He, for all appearances, did not seem intimidated by Cato's station not did he feel the need to cow. "The first is Malideus who has started to walk a chaotic path as the Enclave is concerned while the second is Delphine. I have witnessed a battle between the two over a third by the name of Sarna. Malideus wants her to join him while Delphine wants to protect her from his ambitions."

With the prologue out of the way the agent leans back his chair once more. "The Lord Marshall wants the name of Delphine. I have not delivered it yet. He believes she interfered in a Regency operation.. More of a wrong place at the wrong time sort of deal if you follow" The exact details were not provided but that should suffice he assumes. "Malideus is the one who has really stepped out of line, however.... with the coming expansion at the launch of our newest dreadnaught... I expect Delphine will become more of an interest to the Lord Marshall. There is opportunity in this for someone willing to... help the Lord Marshall solve his problems" More unsaid yet left to be read between the lines.

Trina remains quiet as Kalden lays out his position. There are details that don't quite match with Trina's reckoning, but she keeps her features smooth and calm. She still didn't know who this other figure was that Kalden talked about walking his own chaotic path, but Delphine...

"I have had personal interactions with both Delphine and Sarna. They-" Trina catches herself. She was about to say _kind to her_ but that would set the conversation in the wrong direction. "... they are dynamic individuals that seem capable of drawing a crowd. Popular. My recommendation has been to draw them to our side and way of thinking, rather than attack them directly and create problems for The Regency by those sympathetic to them."

Cato's eyes drift over towards Sian and he manages the barest hint of a curl of his lips towards her, "Intriguing. My own speculation had held that the situation skirted upon the considerations of wrong place wrong time. Based upon what my associate informed me, the evidence of actual interference with a Regency action on an independent world was hardly enough to apply appropriate pressure to the Enclave." He steeples his fingers slowly and looks at Trina then, "Dynamic individuals." He states levelly but then nods his head.

"You wish to state they are ... do gooders? Intervening on behalf of those that are destitute and desperate for aid?"

There's a level stare back at Cato as he looks her way. If there's to be some... repercussions of any kind later, Sian doesn't show anything. Just a mild gaze from dark eyes. She looks back to the other two across the table, settling in with hands clasped behind her back. "What would you say it is that makes them popular?" This, to Trina.

Kalden remains silent as Cato seems to understood everything put forth for consideration. He casts a glance towards Trina awaiting her response. And thats when the call comes in. The agent quickly rises to his feet, "I've been summoned immediately Mr Cato. The timing is unfortunate, please don't hesitate to have your representative contact me if you wish to speak again. "Sian, Trina, good day"

Once again, Kalden has left Trina behind. Before, on Orum's Bastion in that terrible, filthy cantina, Kalden did what he had to do, leaving Trina to be shot by a psychotic droid. Now Kalden left her again, this time under the ravenous eyes of a Lord of the Regency and his assistant. Given the circumstances, the physical danger seemed a less cruel desertion.

"Yes, they are do-gooders," Trina says. She doesn't add how she herself might be considered a "do-gooder." Did she not tell Kalden himself that she did what she did to save lives, not take them? Looking across the desk at the ones she's addressing, it seems better to leave that little detail out.

"They are popular because they are powerful," Trina continues. "They have uncommon weapons and uncommon ways of being. Kalden showed me a holo of a fight where they moved things with their mind. I saw first hand how Delphine can block blaster bolts with her shock rods. To witness such ability is attractive. For the people of Valentine's World, such savages without the discipline and society of The Regency, these displays of power must be very attractive, giving them hope that maybe they can stand against the inevitable spread of our culture and technology. We could crush Delphine and Sarna, but the political cost would be great. I believe the time for direct conflict with them is past. We either need to discredit them or seduce them."

Cato listens to Trina tell her story, with Kalden's departure his eyes barely acknowledge his leaving, having settled on the woman instead. As he takes in her observations he quirks an eyebrow. "But that is there fallacy in your logic. They are powerful as you say? What do the powerful have need for seduction of others? What do the powerful have need for credit in their corners?" He shakes his head slowly, "No, the powerful only turn to equally powerful in times of great crisis."

"The powerful gather people around them to use them. As shields. As pawns. As lackeys. If the people of Valentine's are as savage as you imply- it's an easy task. To collect them and then throw them at whatever might lie in their way or threatens them. It has been witnessed in terrorists the Regency has put down. Men and women who would surround themselves with children, using them as a shield because their betters would not dare harm a child."

Sian speaks easily, watching Trina with a mild expression. "That can be to our benefit as well. If we reveal to the people of that world that they are mere pawns for these women..." She spreads her hands, but casts a look to Cato. "It depends, I think, on what we desire them for."

Trina controls her breathing, forcing herself to remain as calm as she can. How had she landed in this meeting? She was a mech pilot turned hacker through a series of unfortunate events outside her control. She was a free-lancer in Regency Intel. A contractor. How was she, Trina (just Trina) going to convince these peoples that they were making a mistake in their assumptions?

"I think I see the logical problem," Trina says, slowly. "What you both say about powerful people is true. They use pawns and hide behind people weaker than themselves in order to protect their power and keep more for themselves." Trina pauses to take a breath. In this description of the powerful and their use of pawns, was it lost on Cato how Trina had just described the Lord himself? "The logical problem is that I don't think either Sarna nor Delphine see themselves as particularly powerful. They-" again, Trina catches herself about to admit something that would jeopardize her position. She clears her throat. "They drink beer at the local cantina. Among the people. They do not put themselves apart. They do not act like they are above the people they are mingling with."

Trina's words cause Cato to smile ever so slowly and he casts his eyes towards Sian, "Downfall." He states plainly to the assistant, a singular word said with much gravitas as if to emphasize it through shadowed language. Focus shifts back then to Trina, "You have provided me precisely what I am need of Mistress. I will have Miss Sian here see that you are compensated appropriately for your time and forthcoming nature."

"I see. Surely no one has considered endearing themselves to the people as a means to ingratiate before." Sian does not bother to hide the sarcasm in her tone. Still, she straightens and looks toward Cato, dipping her head in a nod. Dark gaze slides toward Trina and she puts on a smile. It's a perfectly serviceable smile, too. "And if you have need of anything else, you know how to reach me."

A dismissal. It's exactly what Trina wanted a few minutes ago. She wanted to keep a low profile, bow and scrape as necessary, go as unnoticed as possible, and then escape with what's left of her autonomy in place. But now...

"With all due respect," Trina says to Sian, "You do not need to patronize me."

Trina stands and takes a deep breath. She knew she shouldn't have said that. She knew what she was about to say, and how those words shouldn't pass her lips, either, but the mech was out of the chute and there was nothing left but to see the engagement through to the other side. "I engaged with them. Personally, on multiple occasions. I have established a relationship with them. If you are considering sending someone to engage with them and bring them to the side of The Regency, I might be your best choice."

Trina bows her head briefly to Cato. She had been dismissed, but she hadn't left yet. She adds, perhaps a little bit too late, "My Lord."

Cato is already moving on, having pushed back from his desk and proceeded towards a nearby shelf where books are kept, looking for one and picking it out to pull into his hand. "Sian," he states flatly towards the woman, "Cancel the rest of my appointments for today and get Doctor Illihan here immediately. We are going to proceed."

There is an appraising look for Trina, but Sian just spreads both her hands in a 'what you gonna do' gesture. As the woman has been -- so it seems -- dismissed, the dark-haired assistant rises to lead her out. "Of course, Master Cato. I'll have him here shortly. Shall I have your lunch brought up as well?"

The dice were cast, and while they did not land with a disastrous roll, Trina didn't win anything, either. Counting her blessings, Trina takes a step back away from the desk and stands by, waiting for Sian to lead her away. Though Cato is no longer looking at her, she offers the Lord of the Regency a brief and polite smile. The sort of gesture that would look good and appropriate should someone review a recording of the engagement, something Trina was certain would take place.