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While the setting of the MUSH is in the Star Wars Universe, Companion Cresh is itself a satellite galaxy of the more familiar Star Wars Galaxy (which we refer to as the "Core Galaxy" in-world), and so there are some similarities as well as differences in the theme. The canon for the game includes the Original Star Wars Trilogy, the Prequels, and certain aspects of the Expanded Universe or Legends material (mostly locales and themes rather than direct events). PLEASE NOTE: due to its isolation, those events, though considered canon, have had little bearing on the current politics or cultures in the Cresh Galaxy. The players will play a large role in establishing the lore and history of the new worlds and cultures to be found on the game.

The Force

In the beginning of our story, the Force as it is known in Cresh is more primal than in the Core Galaxy. The more refined or advanced skills developed by the Jedi or Sith do not yet exist here. Lightsabers, for example, are as yet unknown. On the planet Vait, there is a collection of Force Adepts called the Enclave who have joined together to improve their skills and advance their knowledge, but they are secular in nature and neutral in their political stance regarding galactic powers. They are financed by contracting Adepts as advisors to those who can afford them, and there are members who employ both Light and Dark Side powers of the Force. Generally, they do not distinguish between the two, without the influence of Jedi or Sith, so in that sense they may be considered Gray in their aspect.

The Cresh Galaxy is diverse, and the attitudes toward the Force may differ from culture to culture, as well. For instance, a connection to the Force is considered profane on the planet Telgosse, and children discovered to have the ability are banished from civilized life (See Telgosse for more information).

If you are interested in playing a character with a connection to the Force, please reach out to staff in-game and we will be happy to discuss the application process.


The largest political organization in the Cresh Galaxy is the Regency, controlled by the most populous race by far, human beings. They view themselves as the rightful stewards of the Galaxy, presenting this humble view of themselves as regents to disguise or deflect perception of their true imperialist nature. Their ruling leader, known as the Regent, holds the seat on the capital planet of High Centre. The Regency Militant is the military arm of the government, and falls under the power of the Lord Marshals. These military leaders often have their own agendas that could conflict with the goals or interests of the Regency, but both are unified in their belief that they are the proper stewards of Cresh. Any resistance by non-humans is met with brute force, and at the beginning of our story, there is a movement within the Regency, supported by the Militant, to begin a great Crusade to expand that rightful stewardship over all other races and worlds in the galaxy.

If the Regency is the oppressor, then in effect the rest of the galaxy is the oppressed. The independent worlds, represented by aliens and even liberated droids, will soon find themselves to be the target of the Regency's Crusade. How or if they unite to face this threat will be up to the players themselves to decide, and their decisions will lead to any number of exciting plots. Through them, heroes will rise to meet the threat of oppression and genocide, villains will appear to subdue the weak or unwary, and criminals, as always, will be eager and willing to exploit the chaos for their own benefit.

The Hypergate

Near the Cresh galactic center, in the Silke asteroid belt, is a secret Hypergate that connects the Companion Cresh Galaxy to the Chythonian Nebula in the Unknown Regions of the Core Galaxy. It is a technological triumph created and controlled by an ingenuous clan of Chadra-Fan decades ago, who accept payment for passage to those lucky enough to learn of its existence. Due to the size of the gate, nothing larger than a small, single corvette is able to pass through at a time, thus preventing invasion forces or colonial-sized populations from passing through and causing havoc on the status quo of the Cresh Galaxy.

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