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The three suns of the Vait system are spaced in such a way that twilight is nearly perpetual save around the noonday hour on the planet of the same name. The small world orbits the trio in such a way that the climate is mild and temperate. Soaring mountains, vast forests, and tempestuous seas all seem colored in light greens and greys. The only settlement on the planet is the Enclave of Force Adepts, though wildlife is plentiful. Surrounding the Enclave's mountain home are managed acres filled with excellent hunting and fields with robust crops and bountiful orchards. A small village is at the base of the mountain wherein live those that tend to the needs of the Enclave whose jobs do not require them to reside in the Keep itself.

Beyond the pastoral lands claimed by the Enclave is a fierce wilderness filled with lethal creatures and inescapable perils should one wander too far from the protection of the Keep. Adepts are often tested in these untamed areas as survival is viewed as an important skill to be honed.

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