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Valentine's World is a huge planet orbited by two moons in close proximity. Its surface is dominated by large oceans and continents, and it is largely temperate and lush. The biosphere is diverse, and thanks to the efforts of its sentient inhabitants, their impact on the natural environment is minimal. There is a great variety of ocean and terrestrial life, notable examples being the flying whales known as Aiwha, the long-tailed herbivorous Rockhoppers, and the Eleiss Plant, rumored to be strong with the Force.

The sentient beings who live there have made a commitment to preserve the natural beauty of their home, and thus large settlements are discouraged. Small colonies, each comprised of a different race, are scattered here and there, having been granted permission to settle by the Nahrahm-led Priority Council which regulates the planetary government. Its seat is Tier City, the one truly urban place on the planet, known both for its beauty and the welcoming hospitality and easygoing nature of its inhabitants. It is situated near the Great Western Sea, on the edge of the Faire Trade Plains and the coastal mountain range.

Politically, it is an independent world, unaffiliated with the Regency or any other intergalactic alliances, and is in fact the largest free trade world in the Cresh Galaxy. Due to this prestigious status, few criminal organizations or other factions dare to violate its laws and territories for fear of being blacklisted from trade with the world. And while the Nahrahm are known for their generally laid back personalities, where protecting their world is concerned, justice is dealt brutal and swift.

Tier City, the capital of Valentine's World and seat of the Priority Council.

There are several annual Festivals held throughout the year, commemorating holidays or changes of the season, that draw offworlders to Tier City. The biggest draw by far, however, is the Annual Faire Trade, held adjacent to the city in the Faire Trade Plains, where freetraders from throughout the Cresh gather to buy and sell almost any commodity that can be dreamed of.